Monday, July 28, 2014

Short Update

Hello all. Seems like I fell off the face of the earth. I certainly disappeared for a little bit.
   My sister Siobhan passed away in April. It was sad, she meant the world to me and was always there when I needed that shoulder we were good friends and always had a good laugh no matter what might be going on in our personal lives. I will forever miss her. She left this world very bravely. We had our chance to say goodbye's.

I got back from Ireland end of April and straight to work which was great, keep the wheels turning.
The music went a bit by the wayside, a feeling like I lost part of it. I felt it was a weight and I could not get myself out from under it. Confidence gone, a strange and scary place. Funny but I had just won a whammy for singing. Their were gigs to do so I had to figure something out and slowly the weight lifted. Good friends and some interesting musical gatherings helped quite a bit.

Its now the end of July and I just finished a week at the Catskills Irish Arts week. It was a great week in so many ways and I came back tired but feeling better about myself and the music.


August 9: I get to play with Matt Keane and Alex Caton at Cville Coffee House in Charolettsville, VA
August 15, 16, 17: Mingo, WV  Alex Catons fiddle camp. Patrick Ourceau will also be there and its celebrating it 10th year.
August 23: Swift Run concert series with Sound Of Sleat
August 30: Franklin Park, Loudoun County, VA with Sound Of Sleat