Guitar Workshops
Pat Egan’s guitar style is unique in a couple of key respects. One of the few guitarists in Irish music that adhere to standard tuning as opposed to the ubiquitous DADGAD, his approach will be of particular use to the overwhelming body of uninitiated guitarists, as well as those familiar with alternate tunings. His exciting rhythmic drive on the right hand, coupled with his compelling lyrical moves on the left hand, will open doors for guitarists of any level of experience.

Sample one-session guitar workshop:
  • Chord shapes in the keys of G major, D major, D mixalydian, A major, A minor, A mixalydian, E minor, B minor. Using these shapes in various positions up the neck.
  • Rhythmic patterns for jigs and reels, and the importance of keeping good time (not to be confused with having a good time, which is also important!)
  • Accompaniment to slow airs.
  • The importance of listening and developing the ear.
  • Pat will have a CD with tunes in the above keys. Handouts will also be available. Students are asked to bring a guitar in standard tuning, a capo, a recording device.

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